• Christina Mendelson

Want a thriving marketing plan? Try this audit

Success with any marketing plan is the result of sound strategy, not perfectly executed tactics.

There is so much advice out there coaching businesses to focus solely on social media or focus on their optimal SEO. While these are great examples of strategies they are not the end all be all in marketing. Rather than putting all your eggs in one basket, your goal for your marketing plan is to have a variety of methods to reach your target audience.

In order to get clear each month and ensure that your marketing plan is on track, we suggest you try our start, stop, and continue audit. The start, stop, continue audit allows you to check in on the plan, analyze what’s working, and make any necessary changes to continue to build a more efficient marketing plan. Below is a simple breakdown about how it works:

First remind yourself of the marketing objective. What is your goal this month? Next let’s make sure you are on the road to success and that your strategies align.

Next step: Look at your strategies and define the following sections below

Start- What do you need to start doing? What is missing from your current plan? A digital presence or a more boots on the ground approach?

Stop- What is not giving you any return on your investment? What is taking up so much time and not providing any return? We never want to continue an effort that is not yielding us any results. Continue- What is working? What do we need to give more time to? What is helping to currently flourish your business?

Use this audit and apply it to your marketing plan every month. These 3 simple questions can create a road map of consistency and show you where you need to go next.

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