• Christina Mendelson

Take the SUCK out of sales

Let’s get real, there’s an art to sales. Even though some of you reading this may love it, most of us know that sales can have a bad reputation and at times even the best salesperson can feel the ickiness of it. But, why does selling suck? Well, I will tell you.

There are shitty sales tactics all around us. When you hear it, you know from infomercials, car dealerships, to network marketing programs. And, we see it happening in every industry. The yuck, that whole inauthentic process, that is what we are trying to avoid. We don’t want the person in front of us to just feel like another number or that we are just trying to sell them on something they don’t need. I am assuming that if you're reading this, you care, you believe in what you offer, and you know that it can be beneficial to your ideal client. If that is the case, then you need to sell and you need to sell well. Let’s take a look at the actions you’ll want to take so that your ideal client not only understands your product or service, but also feels your intention.

Here are 5 actions to implement right now to take the suck out of sales:

  • Set the tone: You get to determine how your interaction with the person in front of you will go. Be welcoming and show them that you are so pumped that they are there and you are ready to serve them. Your confidence, tone of voice, and mindset will take you very far here.

  • Ask them good questions: You are going to keep asking questions until you truly narrow down what their pain point is. Asking good questions not only allows you to build good rapport with your potential client, but it gives you the opportunity to really understand what you need to know about them.

  • Listen and limit: By listening to their problem, you are able to narrow down your offerings and limit their starting point. This seems backwards as I am sure you want to sell as much as you can, but people need steps. Learn where they are at now, give them a starting point, and then the progression of getting them involved in more advanced services later on will be seamless.

  • Assume the sale: If you have done steps 1-3 correctly, you should expect a yes from your potential client. This can also build up your confidence when going in for the close.

  • Suggest the next step: This really could be anything when it comes to your business. Suggesting the next step is an opening on the beginning of a relationship after you close the sale. It shows your client not only will you take care of them, but you have the plan for them to travel forward with all that is laid out.

All in all, sales is one of the best things in the world. You get the opportunity to provide a solution to someone who may be facing a pain point. You get to offer a service to make someones’ life easier and that is exactly what we need. Follow these steps above in every sales interaction you have. By focusing on the client and their needs, you will inevitably take the suck out of the sales process.

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