• Christina Mendelson

Put YOU back into your strategy

“ You create a credible brand by staying true to who you are” - Hilary Sawchuk

Marketing is meant to reach humans, so you need to be human about your methods. Marketing strategy has become so automated and robotic and sure there are methods that work well without your personality, but I promise they will never be as effective in building your business as you are.

One thing I see many businesses do, is they hide the humans that are behind the scenes making it all happen. If you are anything like me, you know that you don’t buy your Iced Coffee from the coffee shop. You buy your Iced Coffee from Jill. The Barista that knows your name, knows you are a CU Buffs fan, and talks to you about Jeeps. In other words, you buy it from the human.

In order to really drive your target audience to you and achieve the success you want to see in your business, it’s time to put YOU back into your marketing strategy.

Here are 4 ways to get your personality back into your business:

  • Write like you talk

  • Talking to our friends and family comes naturally to us, but talking about our business seems more difficult than it should be. That’s because we think we need to use the proper industry lingo instead of saying what we want and what feels good to us to get our message across. We do it because it’s safe, we want to stand out, but not too much. Well safe is dangerous, because people want to do business with people- so let your personality shine, by first writing like you talk in all the cuss words, quirks, and jokes that you would share with those close to you.

  • Ditch the Cliches

  • Ditch them like a bad habit. It’s a great way to start sounding like everyone else. Particularly when it comes to content marketing, cliches are dangerous crutches because they’re so forgettable. You write them without thinking, and your audience reads them without acting. Does it get any worse when you’re trying to convert readers into customers? Embrace the cliches but take them for a spin in your own words and representation.

  • Embrace Video

  • America’s funniest home video was a hit on TV because it was relatable. Video killed the radio star because people want to feel connected. They feel connected when they can hear your voice, laugh, and even stutter. They want to know you are human and make mistakes as well. They want to see the blotchy red marks on your chest when you make a video, cause hell they get them too.

  • DO what feels like you

  • I am not saying that you shouldn’t try different methods to communicate and share your message, but I do believe especially when starting out that you should absolutely do what you are naturally comfortable with or enjoy doing. Write if you like to write. Make videos if talking to people is your jam. Create graphics if you can get your message out with design. When you are doing what feels natural to you, your audience will feel it and be naturally bought in.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for 10 years, I encourage you to take a step back and look at your marketing strategies. If YOU are currently missing from what your audience sees, put yourself back into your plan. People buy from people, so don’t forget to get genuine again.

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