• Christina Mendelson

Make It Personal

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Before being “ authentic” became a brand itself, marketing was always about making it personal. It was about getting your message out with just the right touch that it would touch someone else’s life. These days making it personal is becoming more of a challenge with marketing automation, but the basics still prevail.

In order to acquire and retain loyal clients, keep followers engaged then 1x1 personalized marketing is no longer an option but instead a requirement for a thriving business. Emotional connection above all else is the goal of your marketing efforts. Connect what you offer to your ideal clients

Here are 4 ways to add a more personal touch to your marketing efforts:

  • Invoke the inner ego: Despite what we often say, most people like things that resemble them in some way. In order to really narrow down your audience, you need to be able to narrow down every detail of them. Your message needs to fit within the mindset their ego is searching for.

  • Use the words they love to hear: Not ALL words are created equal especially when it comes to your client. Certain words help to encourage clients to buy more than others. However the sweetest sound a person can hear is the words they use themselves. Take the words your potential client uses to express their pain points and add it to the verbiage you use to provide solutions

  • Speed is secondary to quality: Always quality first. We are in such a fast paced world that sometimes the best thing you can do for your client experience is slow the f*** down. Unless you are Jimmy Johns, there is no reason to be freaky fast instead focus on providing freaky good and helpful service for the win.

  • Label your clients: Did you know that people are more likely to participate in something if they are labeled with a positive trait. Refer to your clients with something like “awesome clients” instead of my new client. This invokes excitement and people want to be part of a positive movement.

Marketing is simply sharing your message with those who benefit from what you have to offer. Follow these 4 tips in your marketing efforts this next month and watch your sales grow as you put the person back in your marketing strategies.

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