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5 Steps to Brand Clarity

We’re living in a crowded entrepreneurial era. It is possible to start a business with only a laptop and a reliable internet connection. Therefore, you need to be more than just another ‘me-too’ brand if you want to stand out and make a difference. Your voice must be heard. How can you do this?You need to build an intentional brand that is grounded in clarity.

When you are intentional and clear about business, you know exactly who you serve and how to deliver messages that best capture your value. You are then able to create a brand identity that resonates with your audience.

Here are five things to consider to help you gain brand clarity:

Who are you?

Competition is everywhere. Anyone can sell the same products or offer the same services that you do. But they can never be you!To make a real impact with your brand, you need to find out what makes you special and communicate it. You need to find the tiny details that set you apart. Don’t be discouraged because you think your field is saturated. Focus on your ‘special sauce’ and you can stand out. It’s your responsibility to show off your value, strengths, and uniqueness to customers.Remember, there’s enough room in the market for all of us. You just need to identify your ‘magic’ and use that as a source of competitive advantage.

Why are you in business?

Think long and hard about why you’re even in business in the first place. What does success look like to you? What do you value most about being an entrepreneur? Is it the money, the freedom, the visibility? How should your business contribute to your overall well being? One of my favorite business writers, Michael E Gerber, referred to this as Your Primary Aim. I call it your ‘why’. Your business should be a tool that helps you to create the life you’ve always imagined. Knowing your ‘why’ helps you to be clear about the steps and strategies you need to use in your business.

What do you do?

Now that you’re clear about the role you want your business to play in your life, you can begin to develop its framework. What exactly are you going to build to help you accomplish your ‘why’? What products and services will you offer? How will your business be structured? Think about the things you like to do. What are you passionate about? These are all important questions that will help you develop and brand your business.

Who will you serve?

No business can exist without customers. You need to have an intimate understanding of exactly who you’re going to serve. Think about your perfect customer. What exactly do you know about this person? The more aware you are of his/her wants, likes, and needs, the better you will be able to communicate with him/her. You need to be able to tailor your branding to speak directly to this person.

How will it be done?

So, you’re crystal clear about why you want to be in business, you know what you want to build, and who you’re going to serve. You now need to define your processes and systems. You need something to tie everything together. Ideally, you should create a business plan that outlines your operations. As an entrepreneur, you need to structure your marketing and finances.

Clarity is the foundation of your business. When you are clear about what your business is all about and who is best served by your offerings, it makes it easier to develop your brand’s personality, messages, voice, and identity. Clarity allows you to tell an authentic story. It gives you the confidence and credibility to carve your space in this crowded entrepreneurial world.

Brand clarity is all about knowing what you want and assessing what is needed to create the business of your dreams. It’s about introspection mixed with research and analysis that will allow you to craft a solid strategy on which you can build an elevated brand.

Finding brand clarity is not a one and done process. As your brand grows, you will realize that it is necessary to review and revise your brand’s foundation.

- Christa Laing, Founder of "The Information Inn"

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