• Christina Mendelson

3 Ways Your 2021 Marketing Plan Will Need to Change

Are you stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to getting your business message out into the world? If so, you are not alone. Marketing has changed and will continue to.

Marketing efforts will not return to normal in 2021. Buyer behavior will change and to be honest already has as 2020 majorly shifted our outlook. In 2020, we were called to look at things differently, to embrace what is important, and to figure out what we truly want in our life.

So what does that mean for marketing your business? It means that you are going to have to change too. You will need to ensure your business is one of value moving forward.

Here are 3 ways that your marketing will need to change in 2021:

  • Become agile in your efforts: When it comes to marketing nothing stays the same. Efforts that worked before can change and become completely ineffective moving forward. This is true even before the pandemic. Why? Marketing changes with the market. It will be your job to stay agile, research what is working, and see how you can implement it in your own business.

  • Use platforms for your people: Bold statement- social media channels have become the sole focus around marketing for quite a few business owners and in 2021 it will show. Social media channels are meant for just that being social. I don’t go on Instagram each day to be sold. I go on there to see what the world is up to and connect with amazing people. Trust me when I say that I have unfollowed SOOOO many pages this year. Why? Because I am looking to connect, collaborate with, and learn from companies who are customer focused.

  • Don’t forget about old ways of marketing: Before all the cool fancy techniques, marketing was about telling a story. It was about the message, it was about how you can improve someone else’s life and to be honest it still is. You need to tell your story, consistently. You will need to narrow down what problem you solve and share it. 2021 will not be about all the things you do. It will be about the one thing you do…. Well.

Here is what I love about marketing strategy, it feels like a game to me. A challenge to overcome. A problem to solve. Are you ready to play?

Who cares about an algorithm changing, about services going digital or about your sales funnel. The only thing you should care about is your target audience. Are you showing up where they are? Are you delivering the value you promised them? Are your offers aligned with them or what you wish to offer?

The best marketing plan isn't full of all the bells and whistles. The best marketing plan is one that is focused, one that is personalized for your business, and one that directly provides value to your audience.

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