• Christina Mendelson

3 ways to market your business more efficiently

It’s time to stop being busy and start getting productive. If you are familiar with my work at all, you know I do not agree with the idea that you should implement every marketing strategy into your business.

Quite Honestly I think if you are in business and implementing strategies that feel right to you then you should stick to them. Oftentimes if you find they are not working, it’s because they need to be fine tuned to ensure they are effective for the goal you are trying to achieve.

As cliché as it sounds, doing less is really more especially when it comes to your marketing strategy. If you are spread too thin trying to implement everything, you will not be effective at implementing anything.

With all that being said, the marketing word of the day is efficiency. Entrepreneurs and small business owners have no other choice, but to work smarter, not harder. With limited resources at hand every move you make in your business is precious.

Below are suggestions on how you can maximize your marketing outcomes while dialing back the effort:

Pick the right channels. How will you choose to get your message out? We suggest you pick 1-3 forms of marketing methods that you can and will consistently put out content. This could be social media, speaking opportunities, or simply a monthly email campaign. Whatever you choose to do, be sure you will do it….Otherwise take it off the plan.

Aim for quality over quantity. Pestering customers with constant campaigns will get old fast and turn your clients off to doing business with you. Aim to create high quality content and campaigns, if the frequency in which you distribute is low, that’s ok if it’s good. Focus on your primary business initiatives and build well thought out and tested campaigns directed at attaining these goals.

Plan out your marketing ONE month at a time. This may seem last minute and silly, BUT and that’s a big but...In order to have a true pulse on your business and what you need to do to bring in revenue each month, you must be working your plan each month. If 2020 has taught you anything, your business can change on a dime. Creating a plan each month will allow you to pivot your marketing as needed and be flexible in your methods. We suggest that each month, you implement 2-3 marketing tactics.

*** Bonus Tip: Always be selling. While you don’t want to always directly ask for the sale on everything you do. You do want to have your end goal in mind. Every post, every email campaign, and every marketing tactic should always lead you back to your current objective. If it doesn’t it should not be in your marketing plan.

In conclusion, of course you want to advertise your business and share your message. However having a plan and a focus not only helps you hit your primary objective, but it allows you to be more effective in your efforts.

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