• Christina Mendelson

3 Steps To Get Your Time Back with Social Media Marketing

When thinking about social media, people often say it’s easy. Sure, for your personal page, you share what you want, when you want. But for businesses, you need to be more strategic and targeted. It takes time to do it right. Here are three ways to save time doing social media for your business.

Step 1 – Collecting Assets

Whether you want to share original content from your business or stock content from a site like Getty Images, plan ahead for gathering those photos and videos.

First, it’s always going to be better to share pictures custom to your business. So, while you’re doing your regular day-to-day activities, think about the processes and things you do that set you apart. Write them down quickly to compile later. Then, have someone come in with cameras to take pictures and videos of you doing those tasks. These assets will best represent your and your business without taking your time away from everything that’s already on your mind for the day.

Then, catalog those assets so you can easily find them later when making your social posts. You could take a little extra time to scour the stock photo and video sites to find content that might relate to you, but that’s going to be a little more time consuming in the end.

Step 2 – Content Creation

This is where more of your strategy and planning comes into play. What messages are you trying to share? Are you having a sale? Is there an event coming up? Do you have a new product or service you need to tell people about? Write these down in an outline and tie them to certain important dates so you can follow your plan when scheduling later on.

While you can have these items and events in your plan’s outline, you need to turn those into social posts using the assets that were gathered in Step 1. Or you might even need to gather new assets specifically for this promotion. If you planned ahead before collecting your assets, you should be able to combine your plan with these assets to create the social post – photo, video, event, etc. – that will get the attention of your target audience while representing your brand.

Yes, I mentioned your brand. This is something else that commonly gets forgotten when creating social posts. Use your brand’s style book for specific fonts, colors and logo use to ensure a cohesive representation of your posts. Make them instantly recognizable and tied to your business.

Step 3 – Scheduling Posts

Now, we’ve talked about two big, important aspects of social media. This is the final step. Take the time to schedule your posts ahead of time. By doing this, you’re taking one thing off your plate for every day of your regular duties. The more you can schedule ahead of time, the less worry there is about making sure you get your messages out on a daily basis. Follow your outline and corresponding dates and start scheduling.

We’ve seen clients that take 3-4 hours to do all three of these steps over their weekend. Or, you can spread that time out during one big session of asset collection and outline planning so you only need 30-60 minutes per week to schedule using what you’ve done in Step 1 and Step 2. Get your time helped them hit their business objectives on social media. Get your time back and while hitting your business objectives on social media in the correct way.

Now, at Nektr, we can help by doing all of this for you and saving you even MORE time. If you’re interested in that, send us an email at And good luck out there in the digital world!

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